Can you swim but feel like you need help improving your swimming technique? Want to improve your form to prevent yourself from getting tired too quickly? We can help with that!

Join us, members and non-members, for a six-week technique training session running from March 3 until April 9 in the main pool.

Two clinics are offered: Thursday at 7:30am or Saturdays at 11:30am

Each clinic will have 6 sessions that each last 45 minutes.

Here’s how the clinic will work:
● Maximum of 6 participants in each clinic
● Participant must be able to swim the entire length of the pool (any style of their choice)
● Clinic Fee: $100.00 for members and $125.00 for non-members
● Note: No make-up dates for missed sessions

Still unsure if this is the right step for you? Keep in mind that it is never too late to improve your form or correct bad habits.

Swimming can help build endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming promotes a healthy heart and lungs, all while removing strain on your joints. Most important of all, a good technique can be the difference between gaining that extra lap/mile that you strive to achieve.

Sign up at the front desk or by calling 412-230-1000.

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