Highpoint Rewards Program

We are thrilled to announce the Highpoint Rewards Program! All members are eligible to earn rewards for being part of the Highpoint Fitness family.

How the Program Works

You earn points every time you check in, when you refer your friends, when you complete a Fitness Startup Session, on your birthday and more!  Points can be easily redeemed for selected services including personal training sessions, swim lessons, monthly memberships, and other rewards.

How to Earn Points

Earning points is easy.  You earn points:

  • When you join Highpoint
  • When you install the Highpoint app
  • When you complete the app profile
  • Every time you check in to Highpoint
  • When you refer a friend
  • For each dollar you spend for purchases at the front desk
  • When you complete a Fitness Startup Session
  • When you complete a personal training session (30 min, 60 min or Group Session)
  • When you complete a swim lesson
  • Every month just for being a member
  • On your birthday
  • On your anniversary for joining Highpoint
  • When someone you refer joins Highpoint

Points Earned So Far

If you’re a current Highpoint Fitness member, you’ve been earning points since you joined.
If you use our Highpoint Fitness app, all your points are already available in the app.
If you don’t use our app, your points will be manually calculated. We are working through that process, and we will reach out to each member by March 1 to give you your point totals. After March 1, you will receive your point totals once a month. If you’re interested in switching to our app to manage your points, you can see a member services representative for help downloading the app. 

Highpoint Rewards List

You can redeem your points for a number of Highpoint items and services, including:

  • Highpoint T-Shirt – 300
  • $10 Gift Card – 325
  • 3 Day Guest Pass – 500
  • $20 Gift Card – 650
  • Highpoint Sweatshirt – 900
  • Private 30-Minute Swim Lesson – 900
  • Private 30-Minute Personal Training Session – 1000
  • 1 Month membership (Up to Sports and Fitness Single Value) – 1200
  • Locker Service (1 yr) – 2500

How to Redeem Your Rewards – Highpoint Fitness App

Redeeming your Highpoint Rewards is easy in the Highpoint Fitness App. 

  1. Go to the Gym section of the app to see your current rewards points. 

2.   Click your balance to see the list of available rewards. 

3.   Choose your reward and claim it.

4.   Confirm the reward and redeem it at the front desk with your phone. 

How to Redeem Your Rewards – Highpoint Fitness Portal

If you use a key tag and myiclubonline.com, you still earn points and redeem them for the same rewards.  The process is just a little different.

Your point totals will be recorded in our club management system – DataTrak.

Every month, your new points total will be calculated and available at the front desk. Just stop by to find out how many points you have and let us know what reward you would like to claim.

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