Personal Training at Highpoint Fitness

We love to work with our members to help them reach their fitness goals! Whether you take advantage of our classes, exercise equipment and machines, or our indoor pool, we want you to succeed.

If you are looking for some help getting to your goals, we offer a few different types of personal training to help you get a jumpstart.

Fitness Startup Session

Our Fitness Startup Session is available for any Highpoint Fitness Member. It’s a free session designed to get you on your way to achieving your fitness goals. No matter what your goals are – losing weight, gaining strength, or maintaining your current fitness level – this session will help you understand where you are and help you develop an action plan.

Each Fitness Startup Session includes:

  • 1 Hour consultation with a Personal Trainer
  • Movement analysis and health history
  • InBody270 – Body Composition Analyzer
  • Goal setting & professional exercise recommendations

If weight loss is one of your goals, our InBody 270 machine can get you started on the right track.

We want you to reach your goals, so you can also periodically meet with a trainer again to check your progress against where you started.

To sign up for this free benefit, give us a call at 412-230-1000 or sign up in person with any trainer.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training lets you and your friends work out in small groups with a trainer. It’s perfect for a group goal like getting in shape or getting ready for a team sport. You get the support of a Personal Trainer with the fun of being with friends and fellow members!

Set your fitness goals and make progress on achieving them. Group training can be accommodated to the schedules of everyone in the group.

To sign up for Group Training, call us at 412-230-1000 or talk in person with any trainer to get your group started.

Personal Training

If you need support and motivation, consider one-on-one Personal Trainer with our team of talented, credentialed trainers.

You have fitness goals like losing weight, increasing strength and endurance, or recovering from an injury or weakness. Or maybe something else all together.

Our Personal Trainers can help you get there! First, we work to understand your goals and current abilities, and then we put together a customized plan just for you and your situation.

It can be a game changer, and we’d love to help. Sign up for personal training in person with any trainer or give us a call at 412-230-1000.


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