2024 Weight Loss Challenge

We are excited to offer a weight loss challenge for our members. Are you looking to get in shape and lose weight? Join us for this 8-week challenge! It runs from 2/26/24 through 4/22/24. Find out all the details below. To sign up, stop by the front desk, call us at 412-230-1000, or talk to a trainer in person.
Entry Fee
$49 plus cost of training


  • All participants must weigh in on February 26, 2024 or later to enter the Weight Loss Challenge
  • Bring your payment receipt to the Weigh-In.
  • There will be midpoint weigh-ins.


  • All weigh-outs must occur on or before April 22, 2024.
  • The same clothing MUST be worn at the weigh-out that was worn at the weigh-in.
  • The weigh-out MUST be done at the same time of day as your weigh-in


As part of the Weight Loss Challenge, we will offer weekly seminars at 7pm on Mondays at the Racquetball Court.

  • Monday, February 26 with Ethan Cheek: Balancing Blood Sugar for Weight Loss
  • Monday, March 4 with Grant Jansante: Healthy Alternatives for Unhealthy Foods
  • Monday, March 11 with Jamie Grigsby: Flexibility and Mobility Tips
  • Monday, March 18 with Kelli Snyder: Healthy Eating Tips and Portion Control
  • Monday, March 25 with Ethan Cheek: Gut Health
  • Monday, April 1 with Grant Jansante: Weight Loss Myths
  • Monday, April 8 with Carmen Jansante: Six Pillars of Health to Promote Fat Loss


  • Eight (8) 60-minute training sessions for the MALE participant who loses the highest percentage of body weight.
  • Eight (8) 60-minute training session for the FEMALE participant who loses the highest percentage of body weight.
  • Eight (8) 30-minute training sessions for the participant who loses the most pounds.
  • Eight (8) 60-minute training sessions for the GROUP (2-5 people) who lose the combined highest percentage of body weight.

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